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Get involved with a serve team

You can make a difference.

We believe each of us is gifted in a unique way to make a difference in this world. That's why we have so many serving opportunities for you. We want you to serve in an area that's best suited to who you are and when you're available.


If you're ready to make a difference and meet some great people, then serving is your next step.

Where should you serve?

You have a set of talents and gifts that uniquely equip you to make a difference. So join a serve team that will allow you to use those talents and gifts. Think about the following three questions and join the serve team that makes the most sense in regards to who you are. And if you're not sure, then the best way to find out is to jump in.  

Serve Areas

Check out some of our serving opportunities and take the first step toward making a difference. You can select a serving opportunity or fill out this INTEREST FORM.

Not sure where you would fit best?

Our Community team can help.

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