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Guest Services

Guest Services

More than simply saying "Hello."

Our Guest Services team is Meck's front line; the team charged with giving the first smile, the first wave and the first connection a guest will make as they arrive. Going the extra mile is something that our team does naturally. If smiles are second nature to you, if you've never met a stranger, if you love making people feel welcomed or if you just can't resist giving a fist bump, then Guest Services is the team for you. There are so many ways your small acts of kindness can make a lasting impression! Check out some of the teams that make up Guest Services below. 

Serve Opportunities

Small acts can make a lasting impression.

Going the extra mile is something that our team does naturally. The Guest Services team is full of smiling faces, connections, and a lot of fist bumps. Whether it's holding a door open for a guest, welcoming cars as they drive onto Meck's campus, or informing guests on upcoming events and classes - every role plays a significant part in the entire guest experience. Want to be a part of it? Check out the serving opportunities listed!

The Blue Crew welcomes guests inside the auditorium and uses blue light wands to direct them to their seat.

Chat team members engage in the chatroom with others attending an online service at Meck. They help create a welcoming environment and safe place to explore spiritual things by participating in conversation.

Connection Center Hosts provide a welcoming experience to all first-time and returning guests, answering general questions and distributing materials as needed. Connection Center Hosts must have experience serving in Guest Services or another Meck ministry prior to serving in this role. Membership required.

When medical assistance is needed, we rely on our medical professional volunteers to spring into action and provide first responder care. EMS volunteers must have an active medical license. Membership required.

These volunteers provide a welcoming face and greeting to everyone who enters Meck. They are the front line of the good impression we hope to impress upon all of our guests.

Our friendly Parking Team volunteers greet and welcome our guests, direct inbound and outbound vehicular traffic, help guests find a parking spot and provide direction around the campus.

Weekday volunteers provide assistance with administrative Guest Services responsibilities. These can include data entry, scheduling, gathering and maintaining materials and more.