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Starting Line On Demand

Starting Line

In Starting Line, we take you on a fast and furious tour of Meck - of both our in-person and online campuses. You'll get a good sense of our culture, what you can expect to experience at Meck and all that we have for you so that you can explore God comfortably, within community and at your own pace.With Starting Line on demand, you can watch it anywhere and anytime that works for you! ... Read more

Training Camp On Demand

Training Camp

In Training Camp, we unpack the vision of the Christian life, how to mature in faith and intimacy and how the Meck Institute can guide you in that process. Whether you’re still exploring Christianity or you’ve made the decision to follow Christ decades ago, this is a must-take class for everyone who is serious about the life change that should take place within a relationship with God.With Training Camp on demand, you can watch it anywhere and anytime that works for you! ... Read more

FaceTime: What Parents Need to Know About Technology, Social Media, Video Games and More Meck Institute On Demand Class

FaceTime: What Parents Need to Know About Technology, Social Media, Video Games and More

Does your son or daughter have a smartphone? Or maybe a tablet? With access to more and more technology comes the world of social media, video gaming, YouTube and more. As a parent, it can be hard to keep up with, much less navigate, what platforms your kids are using these days. In this extremely practical class, we'll introduce the most commonly used media outlets, explain the potential dangers of each, and give some practical suggestions on what you as a parent can do to help guide your kids. ... Read more

Theology on Tap Meck Institute Class On Demand

Theology on Tap

The word theology comes from the Greek words theos and logos and literally means "words about God." In other words, talking about God.But when most people hear the term "theology" they think of it as something set aside for pastors who are attending seminary. But at its heart, theology has to do with the answers Christians give to questions people have about God and all things related to God. It's attempting to speak Christianly about the great issues of life; it's about having a biblical worldview; it's about forming a Christian mind. In this on-demand class, Senior Pastor Jim White takes his seminary-level course on systematic theology and breaks it down in a way that anyone can understand. In his words, "Let's pretend it's just you and me, sitting down together having a pint and talking about theology."     ... Read more

After I Believe On Demand Meck Institute Class

After I Believe

The first step in entering a relationship with God is to declare "I believe" - a proclamation of both trust and faith. But what comes next? This on-demand class is dedicated to answering that question and helping Christians experience the full richness of a life led by God. If you recently said "I believe", this class will provide a roadmap for where you're headed. If it's been ages since you said "I believe", this class will reorient you toward a Christ-filled life. ... Read more

Discovering the Enneagram and Yourself On Demand Meck Institute Class

Discovering the Enneagram & Yourself

The Enneagram is an ancient personality model that is bringing new understanding and life-changing transformation to countless lives. Deeply spiritual in nature, it helps individuals identify the unique personality type that God has given them, which shapes the way we view the world, other people, and ourselves. If you've never looked into the Enneagram, now is the time. This on-demand class provides the perfect starting point for beginners and a road map for how to go deeper and wider with the Enneagram as you seek to discover more about yourself. ... Read more

Money Seeds On Demand Meck Institute Class Finance

Money Seeds

As you approach or are embracing financial independence, you might quickly learn that there's a lot more to money management than meets the eye. In Money Seeds, we will walk through responsible and biblical financial practices such as budgeting, saving, investing and more. This is a class designed for high school and college-age students that you won't get to take in school but that you absolutely need for the real world. Set your financial portfolio off on the right foot by starting with Money Seeds. ... Read more

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Online Campus Service
Online Campus Service

It's one of the most unique concepts of the Christian faith. It's also the most scandalous. It's easy to receive, but often the most difficult to comprehend. It's what attracts people the most to Christianity, but can also be a big stumbling block when not applied correctly. So what is "it"? Join us for "Christianity's Most Scandalous Idea" to find out.

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