Come join the Meck community.

Sometimes it is hard to feel connected. Believe it or not, there is a tight knit community at Meck and there is always room for more. We were made to live in community and really do life together. If you have a passion to serve others and make a difference in the life of this church, then we need you on this team. There are serving areas with commitment levels of a few hours to long-term commitments. Our volunteers welcome new guests, facilitate the next steps for spiritual growth and community, and come alongside the Meck family in hard seasons, everyday challenges and in celebrations. Don't dismiss that nudge toward serving!

Serve In Person

Baptism Crew - The Baptism Crew assists during baptism events, helping those who have decided to go public in their faith to have a seamless experience that allows them to focus solely on God during this special event. The Baptism Crew helps guide participants, check in registrants, distribute any needed wardrobe and celebrate!

Connections Team - Members of the Community Connections Team engage in conversation with new guests interested in learning more about Meck and help them explore how they can get involved. 

Next Steps Guide - Welcome guests who attend a weekend service and help them to take the next step in their spiritual journey at Meck. 

Serve Online

Care Response Team - Ready to physically support the needs of those who are sick or in crisis situations as identified by staff. Some examples would be: providing meals, mowing grass, moving those in crisis situations, etc. 

Prayer List Team - Team members pray weekly over each prayer request from the church prayer list and watch the Weekly Online Huddle. 

Prayer Outreach Team - Team members pray weekly over each prayer request from the church prayer list as well as contact assigned people from the prayer list with a card or words of encouragement. Members of this team will be sent a Prayer Outreach Package that includes cards and stamps.