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REALIFE Parent Resources

REALIFE Parent Resources

The high school years can be tough not only for your teen, but for you as a parent. Friendships, dating, a pursuit of independence, social media, school pressures, faith and spiritual questions... So many challenging parenting obstacles all jam packed in such a few short years. But, oh how important those years are! At REALIFE, it’s not our desire to take your place as the spiritual leader of your teen. It’s our desire to partner with you as you lead your teen to grow in their faith and live their lives for God.
You have dreams and goals for your teen, and we want to champion those goals with you. Below is a snapshot of actions your teen can take in an effort to grow in their character and faith.

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Our Goals For A Meck High School Student:

- Attend REALIFE every week.
- Sign up for a SQUAD (small group). Details at REALIFE.
- Attend a Meck weekend service each week with your family.
- Serve at a weekend service at Meck.
- Get baptized or pursue Baptism.
- Attend TEAMlife. Consider church membership.
- Try out a Meck Institute class.
- Serve on a Missions 2.0 local serve day or global extension trip.

Check out the resources below to help you reach your goals for your teen and family.

The Meck app

Download the Meck app through any App Store. While on the Meck app, under the "Kids and Students" tab you'll find a list of REALIFE resources. You'll also be able to access all other Meck resources for other Meck ministries through the Meck app.


(Find more details and registration information on the Meck Institute portion of the Meck website):

Parenting With A Mission
What Parents Need To Know About Technology And Kids
Raising Money-Smart Kids
Intentional Parenting
Rooted: Foundations Of A Strong Marriage

Sermon Series

The following resources are available in MP3 and PDF formats on

The Under Protective Parent
Parent Child Turning Points
Marriage Mentoring
Marriage Sense


Focus on the Family


The Sticky Faith Guide For Your Family by Kara Powell
Boundaries With Teens by John Townsend
It’s Not Too Late by Dan Dupee
Intentional Parenting by Doug and Cathy Fields