Missions 2.0

Missions 2.0

Step outside of your comfort zone

"Missions" is often the term used for going overseas for the cause of Christ - hence the word "missionary."  Sadly, it has led some to believe that missions is something that happens "over there," creating a dulled sense of the needs on our doorstep.

Whether you're interested in serving on the local front in the communities surrounding Meck's campuses or you are looking to step outside of your comfort zone and explore one of our global opportunities, we know that we have just what you are looking for.

At Mecklenburg Community Church, mission is not something we do; it is something we are.

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Looking to make a huge impact in our community?

Join one of our Missions 2.0 Local Serve Teams! By committing to serve once a month with one of our partners, you're not only building lasting relationships with people in need, but creating a real impact in our community. Together we can change our city one serve day at a time! Sign up below. 

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