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Monthly Mission

MecKidz Missions is a monthly mission designed to teach your child to love and serve like Jesus did. Through various activities, it is our hope that this is just another way we can partner with you, the parent, to help your child know, love and serve Jesus.

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MecKidz Missions Kids Serve Others Be Kind

This Month's Mission

One of the many areas that MecKidz loves to partner with parents is through MecKidz Missions. These are easy ways to help teach your child how to serve others in a way that they can grasp, but also makes for sweet memories as a family. Check out this month's m...More

Missions 2.0 with Mecklenburg Community Church Local - Kid-Friendly Serve Days

Ranson Ridge Serve Days

Did you know that Meck has a monthly serve day with Ranson Ridge Assisted Living that you can bring your children along to participate in? It's fun for the whole family!

MecKidz Missions - Monthly activities for kids

Anytime Missions

Already completed this month's mission and are looking for more? We've got you covered! Click the button below to get a variety of missions you can do with your children any time!