Guest Services Serve Team

Guest Services is so much more than simply saying "Hello."

Our Guest Series team is Meck's front line; the team charged with giving the first smile, the first wave and the first connection guest will make as they arrive.

Going the extra mile is something that our team does naturally. If smiles are second nature to you, if you've never met a stranger, if you love making people feel welcomed or if you just can't resist giving a high-five, then Guest Services is the team for you.

There are so many ways your small acts can make a lasting impression! Check out some of the teams that make up Guest Services.

  • Greeting Team - Flash friendly smiles. Open doors. Give epic high-fives.
  • Parking Team - Throw the first on-campus wave. Guide traffic. Be our automotive chaos coordinator.
  • EMS Team - Heal boo-boos. Protect the sick. Be Meck's healthcare superhero.
  • Connection Team - Meet guests. Share our story. Be Meck's "Siri" and share our info and events.
  • Blue Crew - Find seats for guests. Light pathways. Wield awesome blue light sabers.

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