COVID-19 Announcement from Meck
Join us via our Online Campus this weekend! In light of COVID-19 and the requests of the NC Governor, we are canceling church services and events at our physical campus for the foreseeable future. Join us via our Online Campus on Sunday (8:15, 9:30 and 11 a.m. and 1:30, 5:30, 7 and 8:30 p.m.) and Tuesday (12 and 7:30 p.m.).


Thank you for your support!

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Why do we give?

God doesn't need our money; He already owns it all. But when we willingly set aside the first part of our income for the local church, our hearts will be turned toward Him (Matthew 6:21). The word tithe means tenth and refers to the first ten percent of all our income. The Bible tells us that the tithe belongs to God, is to be immediately set aside for Him (Leviticus 27:30), and is to be brought to the storehouse (Malachi 3:10). Today, that storehouse is the local church, and God wants our tithes to go to the local church for the same reason He wanted them to go to the temple's storehouse, "that there may be food in my house." The church's job is to meet the needs of people. You can think of the local church as being a hospital for spiritually sick people where Jesus Christ is the doctor. But just as a hospital cannot heal the physically sick without funds, the church cannot heal the spiritually sick without funds. When we tithe, we give to others through the church.

As Christ-followers, we believe that we are stewards of God's resources because He is the owner of all that we have (Psalm 24:1).

Throughout scripture, we are reminded of the importance of giving back a portion of what God has so generously provided. His Word tells us that giving is an act of worship that should be done with a spirit of thanksgiving.

Giving is the only area in the Bible where God invites us to test Him. Give your tithe (the first 10% of your income) to God and see if He does not open the floodgates of heaven to bless you in ways that you never dreamed possible (Malachi 3:10).