Take the first step. 

Meck has a collection of four, carefully crafted experiences designed to guide you from your starting point at Meck to a thriving, mature relationship with God. This is your guide to getting connected and growing at Meck. We recommend taking these classes in the following order:

Starting Line

Explore Meck. In this on-demand class called Starting Line, we take you on a comprehensive tour of Meck. You’ll get a good sense of our culture, what you can expect to experience at our online and in person campuses. We want you to explore God comfortably, within our community at your own pace.


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Training Camp

Grow in faith. Training Camp, an on-demand video, unpacks the vision of the Christian life so that you can get excited about where God is leading you as you get to know Him better. You’ll learn how to mature in your faith and how the Meck Institute - and even The Grounds Bookstore and Café - can guide you in that process. Bottom line: We're here so serve you in your relationship with Jesus. 

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Game Time

Serve with Meck. You were made for a purpose and equipped with a unique combination of gifts, passions, personality and skills. Yet it sometimes can be difficult to figure out exactly how God wants to use you or what role you might play in His big adventure through the local church. The Game Time class is where you’ll start the process of examining the person God made you to be and exploring how you can make a real difference with your life. What are your spiritual gifts? Want to find the exact role for you? Take the Game Time class to find out. 

Team Life

Join the team. While we want you to take your time exploring the Christian faith, we ultimately hope for you to put your faith in Jesus and then join the Meck team; that is, our family of believers. TeamLife is where senior pastor Jim White will tell you more about Meck - where we've been and where we're headed – and what it means to become a church member. Ready to become a member of Meck? Join us for the Team Life class.