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Why do I need to believe in God when I seem to be fine on my own? Can the Bible still be trusted in light of recent developments in science? Who is to blame for the suffering in the world I see every day? Why do Christians think there is only one way to know God? How do I reconcile a God who is supposed to represent love with actual Christians who are very unloving?

Have you ever asked yourself questions like these? Has someone ever asked you questions like these? You're not alone. In our latest series, Christianity for People Who Aren't Christians, Senior Pastor Jim White will tackle a group of bleeding edge questions that swirl around Christianity. Whether you consider yourself skeptical of the Christian faith or consider yourself to be a Christian, you might be surprised to hear the answers.

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To go along with our new seriesThe Grounds Bookstore and Cafe is launching a "Buy One, Gift One" promotion throughout the series. Anyone who purchases a copy of Pastor Jim's new book, Christianity for People Who Aren't Christians, at The Grounds will receive a free copy to gift to someone. This is an incredibly important book to get into the hands of those who are skeptical or even averse to the claims of the Christian faith. Even if you consider yourself to be a Christian, this book answers so many of the common questions that swirl around Christianity and equips you with answers. Grab one for yourself and your friends! 

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