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One-Hit Wonders

We all know what a "one-hit wonder" is. The Bible has some one-hit wonders as well. There are five books in the Bible that consist of only one chapter. But they are so full of significance, that even that single chapter of writing was given a title and included among the Bible's 66 books. Throughout November, we'll make sure we discover what made that one chapter such a... wonder.


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Christmas at Meck

Join us for a Christmas service that you will not want to miss! A service with a reputation for excellence, jam packed with high-energy music, nostalgic traditions, awesome performances, and a party for your younger kids. Every single member of your family will love Christmas at Meck.


What's New
The Meck Trail

Meck is situated right in the heart of 80 beautiful acres of pristine woods and our newly renovated Meck Trail winds through it all. The renovations have transformed this trail into an outdoor chapel outfitted with benches, plaques filled with handpicked Scripture, picturesque waterfalls and wooden bridges to retreat. Grab a coffee at The Grounds and escape to the Meck Trail as a destination to think, pray, walk and find sanctuary.


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