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The Meck Institute gives you the opportunity to further your knowledge of everything from Christianity to finances with a focus on biblical truth and spiritual growth. We offer a wide variety of classes so you're bound to find one that is perfect for you. We also offer online and on-demand classes as well as our in-person classes! Online and on-demand classes are simple to use, and they're even simpler to invite a friend to. So choose from any of the classes below, register, encourage a friend to attend, and get ready for an awesome learning experience. Not sure where to start? Starting Line is a great place to begin. Find the next class below.

Serve Opportunities

Within the Meck Institute are volunteer positions for teachers, pilot class attenders, online class moderators, and administrative support. If you love teaching, facilitating discussion, giving constructive feedback, or just being involved in the main discipleship ministry of Meck, then serving in the Institute may be a great fit for you.


On Demand Classes

The Meck Institute has officially launched On Demand classes! You can take them whenever and wherever you want. Our hope is that nothing hinders you from exploring more about Christianity or deepening your faith. Follow us on social media and stay tuned for the launch of more on demand classes.


Connection Crates

 Welcome "Connection Crates," carefully crafted activity boxes that are designed to empower parents to be the primary disciplers of their children. Through these crated designed for specific age groups, you and your child can learn more about God in a fun way they can understand. You can order online or pick up in person.

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First Steps

If you're new to Meck, we encourage you to check out our suggested plan for getting the most out of your Meck experience. It consists of four strategic classes to guide you in learning about Meck, getting involved, and setting in motion a plan to grow in your relationship with God. The first class to start with? Starting Line!  


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List of Classes

On Demand
October 2022

Viewing Classes

Training Camp
Every Sunday Global: Mecklenburg Community Church

Ready to amp up your game? Take Training Camp.  In Training Camp, we unpack the vision of the Christian life, how to mature in faith and intimacy and how the Meck Institute can guide you in that process. Whether you’re still exploring...


Starting Line
Every Sunday Global: Mecklenburg Community Church

Want to explore Meck? Check out Starting Line.  In Starting Line, we take you on a fast and furious tour of Meck - of both our in-person and online campuses. You'll get a good sense of our culture, what you can expect to experience at Meck...



Do you know someone who may want to take a Meck Institute class?

It's now easier than ever to invite someone to join you for a Meck Institute class with our online classes as well as our in-person classes. All you have to do is download the images below to share on social media and invite anyone to any Meck Institute class! You can also download to share via text as well.