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In Training Camp, we unpack the vision of the Christian life, how to mature in faith and intimacy and how the Meck Institute can guide you in that process. Whether you’re still exploring Christianity or you’ve made the decision to follow Christ decades ago, this class is a must-take for everyone who is serious about the life change that should take place within a relationship with God.

We hope you check out all that the Meck Institute has to offer! You can click below to explore all of our current semester offerings, whether that's an in-person class or our online classes. There's sure to be a class for you so go ahead and explore more. 

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We are so glad you have chosen to watch Starting Line and now Training Camp. The next step we would recommend is signing up for one of our upcoming Game Time classes. Game Time is offered both in person and online, but will give you a chance to interact with a Meck Institute teacher as well as other participants in the class. Be sure to take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment beforehand, as it will be strategic in the conversations had during Game Time. 

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