Missions 2.0

Missions 2.0

Bruns Elementary School (Reading Buddies, Pantry Restock and Backpack Drive)

Meck is the exclusive, faith-based partner of Bruns Avenue Elementary School and we are committed to making a difference in the lives of the children there where 99% fall below the poverty line. Meck partners in three strategic ways to make a long-term impact: 

Reading Buddies: 
A more long-term investment that allows you the unique opportunity to invest into the lives of children at Brun's Avenue Elementary School to provide them with both a mentor and friend. At Meck we want to help ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to grow and learn. We partner with Bruns Elementary and have the privilege of becoming reading buddies with kids that need a little help with their literacy. 

Everyone that volunteers in the CMS school system is required to register in their system. When you register, you will establish a personal username and password for your profile information.  Be sure to select "Bruns Academy" under the school you wish to volunteer with. 


Pantry Restock: 
Meck works to stock the shelves at Bruns. Dedicated to seeing that every child has the food they need, we're working to keep the food pantry stocked with non-perishable items. 

Annual Backpack Drive:
Meck has the opportunity to partner with Bruns Elementary School. Bruns is a school where 99% of the children fall below the poverty line and throuhg our annual Backpack Drive, donations go directly to that school and into the hands of those students. These kids need someone in their corner, and you can help to do just that to serve these students in our community.

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