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How to Deal with Conflict

How to Deal with Conflict

Every Monday, from 10/21/2019 to 10/28/2019, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: Mecklenburg Community Church, 8335 Browne Road, Charlotte, NC US 28269

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There are few words that illicit a more emotional response than the word "conflict." Some love conflict and even go looking for opportunities to argue. Others get a sick feeling in their stomach at the very thought and avoid it like the plague. Conflict, though, is an inevitable part of life in this world of imperfect people. We frustrate, disappoint and even hurt one another. So, how do we navigate conflict in a healthy and helpful way? Does the Bible have anything to say on the matter? In this two-session course, we'll explore the different types of conflict, how to begin difficult conversations, and how to work towards resolution and reconciliation.

Childcare available at the cost of $10/first child; $5/per additional child (registration required). 

Dinner available at the cost of $6/dinner (registration required).