REALife Summer Camp (SCAMP)

REALife Summer Camp (SCAMP)

Monday, June 24, 2019 - Friday, June 28, 2019

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Pack some sunscreen... we're headed back to the beach for REALife Summer Camp (SCAMP)!  

SCAMP 2019 is closed and we’re ready for an awesome week! Below is information for the families heading to SCAMP with us. 


You should have marked your teen’s dietary needs and restrictions on your registration form. If you did not, or if you are unsure if you did, please respond as soon as possible to let us know if your teen has any dietary needs on the trip.


Everyone is all paid up. Thank you.

***Please note that at this point ALL payments made for this trip are non-refundable. We have already paid camp, food and transportation costs for your teen to attend. So even if your teen can no longer attend, we still have to pay for their spot.


The price of SCAMP includes: all meals and lodging except for two lunch meals on our travel days. Bring money for those two meals and any extra money you desire for souvenirs, extra snacks and optional activities during your free time at the camp facility. There is a snack shack on site with lots of great food and drinks, as well as an arcade near by.


Accompanying us on the trip are our REALife leaders. Leaders will be assigned to groups of about 8 students each. All rooms are biological gender specific and have leader chaperones.


You filled out a medical release for your teen with your registration. If there is any updated information you need to give us, please reply and do so as soon as possible.


Arrive at Meck between 8:30-9am on Monday, June 24 (do not arrive earlier than 8:30am). Meet on the patio by The Grounds. We will return between 4-5pm Friday, June 28. *(your teen will call or text as we get closer to home with a more exact time)

STUFF TO BRING *(updated)

  • A fantastic attitude and a desire to draw near to God 
  • Bible & pen
  • Pillow and sleeping bag or linens for a twin bed.
  • Sun Screen
  • Casual clothing for five days 
  • Pool Towel 
  • Shower Towel
  • Shower Sandals (optional)
  • Pool and beach toys
  • Appropriate bathing suit. *One piece bathing suits (Camp policy for the ladies).
  • Personal hygiene items 
  • Spending money for two meals, snacks, souvenirs, optional activities, etc.
  • Extra drinks or snacks you might like for your rooms *(no refrigerator) 

*To help with space in the rooms it would be beneficial to pack in smaller luggage. 


  • Inappropriate or revealing clothing 
  • Speedos/Jammers
  • Bikinis 
  • Tobacco, vape pens, drugs, alcohol or weapons 
  • Fireworks 
  • Water balloons 
  • Video Games, computers or other electronics 

CELL PHONE POLICY *(new this year)

*While cell phones are permitted on the trip, they will be held by REALife leaders between 9am-9pm each day of SCAMP. We are making an effort to foster community in our group. Please inform your teen about this in advance to prepare them. Leaders will have their phones to take any pictures students may want, and we’ll have a photographer at SCAMP as well. The emergency number below will allow you to connect with your teen during the day (emergencies only please). Students are also not required to bring cell phones, and Mecklenburg Community Church is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 


The following rules will be enforced with escalating consequences if continuing disobedience persists. Upon the third violation, parents will be called to come pick up their teen to take them home.

#1 – Model the love of Jesus in everything you say and do.

#2 – Be good, not bad

#3 – Respect the people. Respect the place. (don't be mean, hurt anyone or break anything) 

#4 – No guys in girls rooms or girls in guys rooms EVER for any reason. 

#5 – No non-SCAMPERS in your room, and no going into non-SCAMPERS rooms

#6 – Be everywhere on time, and no leaving any scheduled event without permission.

#7 – Do not go anywhere alone (except the bathroom). Always have a friend with you.

#8 – No PoPDA (public or private displays of affection). If you are a couple, you are not a couple on this trip. Anything more than brief hugs and hand-holding is not permitted.

Consequences for breaking the rules includes loss of free time and earlier curfew. Also, any guilty party found responsible for purposefully breaking something will be held financially responsible for any broken items.


Breaking the following rules will result in parents being called IMMEDIATELY to take their teen home.

#1 – No leaving camp property without a leader. This includes going to the beach.

#2 – Sexual activity

#3 – Possession, consumption or use of: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vaping products

#4 – Violence 


Garden City Chapel and Retreat: 316 Dogwood Dr N, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576



We can't wait for SCAMP! Please let us know if  you have any questions.