2020 Church & Culture Conference Livestream Event

2020 Church & Culture Conference Livestream Event

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Join us for the 2020 Church & Culture Conference Livestream Event!

The vision of this annual conference is to take a deep look at the most pressing cultural trends and realities, and how the church must respond in light of these insights. This is all with a clear target on the wall: equipping the church to reach and transform culture. This year’s conference will be a livestream-only event featuring entirely new content, and your registration will give you access to watch the conference on demand for an additional two weeks. Registration is now open and we hope you can join us! Topics include:

  • The Online Church
    • How can you best be an online church - how can you flourish  and truly engage people - in the world today? This session will include  strategies to blend the physical with the digital if you're continuing  to be in a lockdown and cannot gather in person.
  • Race and the Church
    • We'll take a look at all things related to race and racial  reconciliation through the lens of theology and how the church needs to  engage what's happening in our culture right now.
  • Flourishing in an Economic Recession
    • Analysts are forecasting that the economic situation in the  world will only go from bad to worse. How does a church speak into  people's lives who are struggling financially, when the church itself  may be struggling to stay afloat?
  • Church 3.0
    • What will the next iteration of the church be in light of  our 2000-year history? This will be a walk through Church 1.0 and 2.0,  and where the future of the church is headed.

The 2020 Church & Culture Conference is a livestream event to be held on Thursday, September 24 and will also be available to watch on demand for two additional weeks.

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