Dedication and Baptism

The difference explained

Baby Dedication

During a Baby Dedication, parents make a public commitment to raise their baby to grow up to know, love and serve Christ. It's a great way to mark the beginning of a parent's journey with their new baby! And as your church, this is a way for us to support you as you seek to raise your child in a Christ-centered home.

In order to participate in the dedication, you must be a member and take the Baby Dedication Prep class. Please note that Baby Dedication is for babies under 15 months of age.

If you have any questions about Baby Dedication, please click the button below.


Children's Baptism

While baptism is awesome, it is not for everyone. The Bible teaches that only people who trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior should be baptized. This means baptism is not for infants.

Since we want to ensure that children understand what baptism means, we ask that they be at least in second grade before they're baptized. Any child second through fifth grade that is interested in being baptized must attend MecKidz Baptism Orientation with their parents first. If you have any questions about MecKidz Baptism Orientation, please click the button below.