Connection Crates

MecKidz & Meck Institute Connection Crates

Give a gift that everyone in your family will enjoy.

The Meck Institute and MecKidz have partnered together to bring you something we've never created before. Welcome "Connection Crates," carefully crafted activity boxes that are designed to empower parents to be the primary disciplers of their children. We are passionate about partnering with parents and equipping you to teach your children about God. In each box, you'll find lessons and devotionals as well as accompanying activities that you'll lead your children through. We've literally made these lessons as simple as opening a box, so order one today!

The Shepherd King

 Designed for parents of preschoolers, The Shepherd King contains three lessons focused on the life of David, a shepherd who God transformed into a king. The Crate contains parent scripts, loads of creative activities, outdoor adventures, and more! The supplies in this box are gender-specific, so please let us know the gender of your child so that we can customize it just for them!



The Fruit of the Spirit Crate

 Parents of children in kindergarten through second grade are going to LOVE digging into the Fruit of the Spirit with their child. With four lessons and five devotionals, plus a TON of hands-on activities, this Crate is full of colorful fun. The lessons are designed to correspond with "The Jesus Storybook Bible" by Sally Lloyd-Jones, although any Bible could be substituted. If parents do want to use "The Jesus Storybook Bible," they have the option of purchasing a Crate that includes that Bible at a reduced rate.




Connecting With God Crate

 Parents of third, fourth and fifth graders, this one is for you! Through this Crate, you and your child will invest time and energy into finding ways you best connect with God. With different activities and conversation guides, this crate makes finding ways to connect with God exciting and easy to understand.




What can I find in every Connection Crate?

In every Connection Crate, you'll find a Parent Guide that casts a vision for the box and provides helpful tips for how parents can lead their children through the lessons and the activities. Then, you'll find a Family Guide full of the lessons and activities specific to the Crate. Aside from the guides, you'll find just about EVERYTHING you need to complete the activities! In other words, every Connection Crate is designed to make it SUPER EASY for parents to have a blast with their kids. 

Are there instructions on how to teach each lesson?

Yes! Teaching your child about God doesn't require you to be a Bible expert, and our lessons prove that. The Family Guide leads parents step-by-step through each lesson and activity, including parent scripts and prayers. 

Can I buy more than one box?

Of course! You can also purchase additional supplies if you have more than one child who will be participating in the box.   

Will there be Meck Institute Classes for Kids to accompany this material?

The Meck Institute offers a variety of classes for both parents and kids! The class that best casts the vision for the Connection Crates is called "Parenting with a Mission."

How long will these be available? Will new boxes launch?

Each box will be available until they sell out! But don't worry, new boxes will continue to launch throughout the year. 

Are the Crates specific to the age group mentioned, or can older or younger siblings participate?

While the lessons and activities are designed with a specific age group in mind, we've found that siblings have enjoyed participating as well. If you want to include siblings, be sure to choose the option that allows you to purchase additional participant supplies so that no one misses out on the fun! 

Are these only for parents, or can grandparents, babysitters, etc. do these, too? 

The vision of these Connection Crates is to empower parents or caregivers to teach their children about God, whether that caregiver is a grandparent, biological parent, foster parent, etc.

Can a single parent use the Connection Crates?

Absolutely! There are no lessons or activities limited to two-parent households. 

I'm not a parent, but I feel like this would make a great gift for some parents I know. Is that weird?

Not at all! In fact, we think Connection Crates make GREAT gifts!

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